US Tax Advisory and Tax Return Compliance

Federal law requires that all US persons, wherever they live, as well as non-US persons with investments in the US must file annual income tax returns and required informational returns.


US Federal law requires all US persons to file annual income tax returns and required informational returns to report worldwide income, capital gains and non-US assets, no matter where they live. This requirement applies even if the individual must also file local income tax returns in the country where they live. “US persons” include individuals born in the US, born outside the US of a US parent, a naturalized citizen, and green card holders, as well as individuals living in the United States considered tax residents. The term “US person” includes corporations and partnerships formed under US state law, and certain trusts. Individuals and entities who invest in the United States or have income originating from the US must also comply with Federal and State income tax laws. See here for a more detailed description of a US person.

Filing US taxes abroad can be a complicated and daunting experience, as can coping with two or more tax systems at the same time. Our Private Client Group has in-depth experience and current knowledge in all aspects of US tax anywhere in the world, US/UK cross-border tax, US tax with Swiss connections, including tax return preparation, compliance and planning.

Our Advisory Services

  • The ownership structure of assets
  • The tax impact of various investment opportunities available to individuals, including employee stock options
  • The effective use of company pensions and self-invested pension arrangements
  • Tax effect of owning and/or selling ownership interests or partnerships for business owners
  • The coordination of US tax issues with the tax rules where the client resides
  • Trust and Estate Planning, including Inheritance Tax
  • Gifting
  • US Tax Treaty claims
  • Tax residency
  • US/UK Tax Planning and Compliance

Our Compliance Services

  • We can prepare and file your US tax returns and required informational returns on a timely basis, in compliance with Federal and State laws
  • We also provide UK tax return preparation services, including use of the UK Worldwide Disclosure Facility for reporting offshore income
  • For those taxpayers who have not complied with their filing requirements or have missed filings, we can assist in bringing those taxpayers up to date with our proven experience involving the IRS Streamlined Voluntary Disclosure procedures.

We enable you to make informed, compliant, filing and planning decisions

Established over 35 years ago, we do US tax advice, compliance and planning better with our experienced international specialist teams and responsive professionalism. We provide a world-class service our clients can rely on, tailored to your unique needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.