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The US remains a focal market for companies all around the world that want to fuel global growth, tap into robust supply chains through a diversity of markets and access investment capital. Our specialist team can help you navigate your journey.

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Expanding your business to the US:  What to know before you go.

With its large consumer market, world-class talent network, vibrant support infrastructure and large pool of capital, the US remains one of the most attractive markets for any company that wants to fuel its global growth. The US also has a highly complex legal and regulatory framework for doing business. Complicating this further is that there isn’t just one set of US regulations, but those of an additional 50 states, each of which operate in many ways like their own nation.

Our Advisory Services

We are proud to actively support early stage entrepreneurs as well as more established companies from every stage and in every industry on their journey to the US. 

Specifically, we advise companies on how to navigate the complex US tax landscape from an international perspective by gaining an understanding of their expansion goals – whether that involves selling products and services to US customers from abroad, opening offices on the ground, or obtaining US investment.

Through our connected networks, we can get entrepreneurs, established businesses and Venture or Private Equity backed portfolio companies the advice they need for these considerations:

  1. Culture
  2. Legal
  3. Recruitment, HR and Admin
  4. Immigration
  5. Location
  6. Insurance
  7. Banking
  8. US Funding
  9. Timing
  10. US Tax – Corporation and Personal, including US/UK cross border

While keeping in mind the multi-state landscape of the US market, we develop a considered tax structure that will:

  • Advise on type of US entity if used
  • Potentially lower tax exposure to the parent company
  • Look for efficiency in the group’s overall tax liability
  • Determine US Effectively Connected Income (ECI) and sources of income
  • Assist with transfer pricing
  • Advise on IP as it relates to US tax
  • Assess state tax liability
  • Advise on Sales Tax
  • Analyze permanent establishment position
  • Advise on personal tax considerations to non-US Company staff who move to the US, either temporarily or permanently as part of expansion

We also offer extensive experience with treaty law, to ensure you gain double taxation relief if applicable.

Our Compliance Services as Partnership Representative

We prepare any US tax forms and Informational returns related to US Corporations, Partnerships and Individuals

Decades of Experience in US Expansion, an Extensive Network of Trade Advisors   

The US remains a focal market for companies looking to grow their business and our specialist team demystifies on how to set up in the US. We work with US immigration and US  commercial lawyers, cross border banking specialists, SelectUSA (a commercial arm of the US government), UK Department for Business and Trade, Scottish Development International, various European country trade advisors and various US state advisors for example.

The US and most countries around the world, particularly the UK, Canada, Europe and Asia, have tremendous resources to help companies expand their operations into the US. In addition to the countries, all 50 US states have economic development teams to help support companies in these efforts. Get in touch with us to find the right government Trade Adviser or Investment Specialist for your plans and our advice on doing business in the US.