Corporations have different tax treatment from other business entities such as Partnerships. We support corporations in an advisory capacity and through our suite of US compliance services.


As an integrated firm of cross-border tax lawyers and accountants, we work with many types of corporate entities where there are US connections.  We are an attractive alternative to the Big Four in terms of fees, experience and proven history of working in multiple jurisdictions. We support corporations in an advisory capacity and through our suite of US compliance services. 

We work with many different types of entities:

  • US corporations
  • Foreign corporations
  • Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs)
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs)
  • US partnerships
  • Foreign partnerships
  • Controlled foreign partnerships
  • Limited liability partnerships

Our Advisory Services

  • Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income, GILTI
  • Unrelated Business Tax Income (UBTI) for income derived from unrelated business activities of an otherwise tax-exempt entity
  • US expansion support for foreign companies going into the US
  • Effectively Connected Income to a US Trade or Business (ECI)
  • FATCA & CRS regulations and issues

Our Compliance Services

Corporations (and other business entities) have extensive and often complex US filing requirements especially when there is non-US ownership.  We can determine which forms are required for filing and make sure they are prepared accurately and on time.  

Failure to file the returns and reports in a timely manner, or incorrectly, can result in substantial penalties.

Local, experienced and convenient service, tailored for your corporation

We maintain offices in key markets in European time zones, making it more convenient for those working hours outside of the US. With a pragmatic and experienced corporate team, we provide an individualized, proactive service and do not follow any predetermined positions.

We’ve outlined the primary areas of our support and services for corporations, and highly recommend a consultation with one of our corporate advisors to explore which categories and issues may apply. Contact us here.