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About US Tax & Financial Services – Why Choose Us?

We are proud to celebrate 30 years of service to those with US tax compliance and advisory needs. We’ve never been more interconnected on a global basis than in today’s changing world.

US Tax & Financial Services provides tax advice, guidance, planning and compliance services (tax return preparation) for individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts and estates for anyone subjected to the US tax system, wherever they may be in the world.  We also prepare UK tax returns, along with LDF (Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility) and UK Swiss (Rubik) disclosures.  With more than 30 years’ experience, we have offices in London, Zurich and Geneva with clients in more than 32 countries, bringing expertise from KPMG, Ernst & Young, Arthur Andersen, PwC and Deloitte across a wide range of sectors.  Whether an expat living outside the US, an American investing offshore, or whether you are investing in the United States our specialist team of cross border advisors can help you.

The international aspects of the US tax system are extremely complex; not only are the statutes and regulations alien to US-based firms, but the additional informational returns relating to almost all aspects of an expat’s international lifestyle are complicated and carry stiff penalties if not filed correctly.

We are unique in that we are an integrated firm of tax lawyers and accountants.  The value in our service is that we live and work within these complicated international issues every day and can ensure you or your clients are compliant.

We look forward to serving you for the next 30 years.

Extended International Reach

We are members of Geneva Group International, a leading global alliance of independent professional firms.

GGI unites international, independent audit, accounting, law and consulting firms with the joint potential to find the right solution to resolve any financial, legal and tax issues which may arise. GGI’s broad international coverage provides clients with access to high-quality firms across the world.




Did you Know?

  • Fact Seven

    Thanks to FATCA banks must disclose their American account holders to the IRS or local tax authority.
  • Fact Six

    The IRS is actively looking for non compliant US persons.
  • Fact Five

    It takes an average of 16 hours to do IRS Form 1040.
  • Fact Four

    There are over 500 IRS tax forms.
  • Fact Three

    Since 1916, illegal income has been taxable.
  • Fact Two

    US persons must file tax
    returns no matter where they live and work.
  • Text One

    7 million Americans abroad
    only 500,000 compliant