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Have You Filed Your US Tax Returns?

All US citizens, green card holders, US expats and tax residents are required to file US tax returns reporting their world-wide income and report on their foreign bank accounts on an annual basis, no matter where they live in the world.

If you have not yet filed, there are currently three ways to get back into the system:


Voluntary Disclosure with Reasonable Cause letter


Streamlined Voluntary Disclosure


Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program OVDP
(Ends September 2018)

Please Note: The IRS can close these programs at any time.
Below are some of the reasons to ensure US tax returns and FBARs are being done correctly.  It is important enough for us to offer a Free consultation with no further obligation.

Why Act Now?

It is important to understand your US tax obligations. The Internal Revenue Service now has a number of ways to find Americans living outside the US who are not reporting income or foreign bank accounts as well as Americans living in the US who invest internationally.



Did you receive a bank letter?  Your banks and other financial institutions are now required, through FATCA legislation, to report the personal details of American clients to the IRS tax or local authority.



The IRS developed a system to actively locate non-compliant Americans wherever they are in the world.



If you are not compliant, your US passport can be revoked or you can be denied renewal.



Rewards are still being offered to anyone who turns in a non-compliant US person to the authorities.

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What Happens If You Don’t Act?

  • The IRS will eventually find you
  • You may be turned away from banking
  • No US passport renewals (and may be revoked)
  • Potential exposure to substantial civil penalties
  • Risk of criminal prosecution (at worst case)

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