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Associate Director, Individual Tax and Voluntary Disclosure, US/UK tax specialist with over 20 years diverse technical and practical experience in compliance and international online pharmacy consulting. Big 4 (Coopers & Lybrand).

The London office of the IRS is closing

We have received confirmation that the IRS office based in the US Embassy in London will no longer be able to accept any IRS paperwork.  Tax filings and other tax-related correspondence should now be sent to the appropriate IRS office in the United States.  Here is a link to the US Embassy website providing details […]

Changing your name with the IRS

If you changed your name in 2014 and are still in the process of letting everyone know about it, such as your bank, utility companies and your employer, add another notification to your list – the IRS and the Social Security Administration.  To minimize any misunderstanding with your tax filings, the IRS must be notified.  […]

IRS Ramps Up Whistleblower Program

A statement from the Commissioner of the International Revenue Service (IRS), John Koskinen, supporting the work of the Whistleblower Office, has suggested the Whistleblower program will become a key tool in the IRS’ effort in combating offshore tax evasion. In his statement, Koskinen said: “Looking to the future, the IRS must do everything possible to […]

HMRC withdraws non domiciled concession for loans

We have all heard of bad news being buried behind a “feel good” news headline. It seems HMRC is making the most of things during the holiday period and has recently made an announcement affecting many non domiciled UK taxpayers owning UK based assets secured by offshore funding. On 4 August HMRC announced that it […]

The June 30 FBAR deadline is coming: Read our FAQs

Updated 2018: The due date for the FBAR is now April 15, with an automatic extension to October 15.  The FBAR – The annual foreign bank account reporting form (formerly TD F 90-22.1 but from this year is now called FinCEN Form 114) is due again.  Please note, this Form can now only be filed […]

Find out who has registered for FATCA thus far

As we have discussed in many of our previous blogs, the FATCA train is gathering pace! To recap – the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was brought into law as part an incentive to identify tax non-compliance by US taxpayers with non-US bank accounts by getting the foreign financial institutions (FFI’s) to report their […]

15 Things You Must Do Before the 15th April Deadline

Are you a US person? Do you know what the 15th April tax deadline means to you? Below US Tax & Financial outlines the 15 things you need to do or think about before Tuesday 15th April. US tax compliance is something that many push to the back of their minds until the deadline is upon us. After all, […]

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